Tuesday, May 08, 2007

JavaOne first look

It's mid-afternoon on the first day of JavaOne. Most of the buzz in the keynotes today is around a newly announced JavaFX platform. It's not completely clear yet what it is, but it does have a component called JavaFX Script which looks like it will be pretty cool for creating rich-client type applications.

Oracle, as promised, has released a preview version of JDeveloper 11 on OTN. I've had a chance to look at it, and there's some great stuff to be had, including a bunch of new ADF Faces components that made me sit up and say WOW. Watch this space tomorrow (Wednesday) for some screen shots.

I attended the Ruby-on-Rails session this morning. Ruby-on-rails is a web application framework written completely in the Ruby scripting language. After using Oracle ADF for the past year, I was pretty un-impressed by Ruby. Yes, ADF is Oracle proprietary, but for the ability to create database-centric, good-looking web applications quickly, ADF wins this battle hands-down.

more to come...

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Lonneke Dikmans said...

I think RoR has two aspects: one is generating a database driven application really fast, based on the datamodel (something that you can't do with ADF, you need JHeadstart for that). Second, it is based on a scripting language, which supposedly makes it more dynamic, easier to change and to write ...blablabla...
ADF is a way to declaratively define your components to create an Enterprise application. A whole different ballgame I think... Isn't RoR more a competitor to Apex?